Sandra Weston


Height: 5'2"

Hair:   Brown, curly

Eyes:   Brown


Training:  College of Marin CA

Willing to travel, current passport


Devil &  Timmy Greenwater           Diane        Brad Cooper 
Assisted Fishing                                Agnes       Joe Crouch
Phone Monkeys                                Kimmy      Jonathan Chauser
Nerve                                                  Claire        J. R. Sawyers

Dessert Warrior                                Om Lat     Sam Bacile


Yoga -certified teacher

Jeweler - design and fabrication

Roller Blades - skates 

Scuba - PADI, snorkel

Knitting and Embroidery

English, NY & Southern accents


Chamber Music    Pearl White     Tony Laschi - Hillcrest Center 
Vaudeville              Varied               John Bravos - Conejo Follies

Sex Sent Me to the ER      Mrs. Helvig           Mitch Marcus– TLC
Operation Repro               Cult Member        Luis Pizarro - Arietis
The Doctors                       Memory Loss        Lynn Hermstad - ABC

Beryl                                    Beryl                      Kristy Linderholm - PBS


On Camera Audition     Shari Shaw

2 Year Meisner Study    Markus Flannagan
Film Workshop               Duke Kenny
Stage Workshop             Tony Laschi
Comedy, Improv             John Bravos

Character, Improv          Mark Pentilescu

Training & Workshops